20% Off Your Booking (With Code) @ Travelodge

20% Off Your Booking (With Code) @ Travelodge

My husband and I, both work hard and when we aren't we are spending precious time with the kids. That's how it should be, but even us grown-ups need a breather at times. We do this by booking a room somewhere for a night or two and it does us the world of good. The kids get to sleep over at Granny's house so there happy too.

If you are fancying a wee break with the other half or some time away with the kids then it need not cost you a fortune. Get over to Travelodge today and save 20% off your booking simply by entering promo code BANKHOL2 on the payment page.

The promo code will only give you 20% off when you book a hotel stay between (and including) Friday 29th April and Monday 23rd May.

Here are some examples of what you can get when you use that promo code: Friday 29th April at York Tadcaster Travelodge is from just £38.40, Edinburgh Haymarket on 6th May is from only £53.60 and London Covent Garden can be had on 13th May from just £69.60.

There are some cracking bargains to be had if you pick a smaller city to stay at too.

Have a look for yourself and let us know what bargains you have found.


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