Gelert X-Treme Lite 800 Sleeping Bag £14.25 @ Amazon

5 July 2010

sleepingBag I used to have a sleeping bag that was supposed to be able to withstand the sort of conditions encountered by Captain Scott and his team!

I used to be a Girl Guide therefore I camped, but it was never something I really enjoyed so as soon as I was old enough to hang up my woggle I did!

But my trusty arctic-force sleeping bag came in handy years later when I spent the weekend at a campsite in Donnington for the then equivalent of MotoGP (the GP500!) and camping took on a whole new angle *grin*

Sleeping outdoors under canvas is many things but it's guranteed to be miserable if you're cold, equally it's no fun if you're too hot because your bag is the wrong weight for the season.

This is a great deal what with it being festival season (and there are some GREAT ones coming up). This Gelert X-Treme sleeping bag is a two season 'lite' one, so it's going to keep you warm enough but not see you waking up in a bag of sweat - what a thought for first thing on a Monday morning!

When it's rolled out it's dimensions are:  210cm x 78cm x 50cm.  When it's rolled up in it's little bag it measures a tiny: 36cm x 15cm!  Much fun was always had trying to get the big bag back into the little bag...

Amazon have reduced this sleeping bag by 62% bringing it's price down from £37.99 to £14.25!

Happy festival-going and camping (if you like that sort of thing!)

Thanks to amibees over at HUKD

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