Portable Gas Stove £7.50 @ ASDA

10 July 2010

portable Are you planning on attending a festival this year? If so, please tell us all about it and what you have in your knapsack , and how you prepared for every eventuality. I am desperate to try it out with my tots but also a little nervous. Anyway, here is a portable gas camping stove from Asda that’s less than a tenner and may well be perfect for those scrummy camping meals.

To be honest, with a delivery charge of £4.95 (ASDA, what are you like?), I would recommend collecting in-store. That’s a ridiculously high price and would kind of kill the deal a bit.

The portable gas stove comes with a strong carry case to protect it against bumps and crashes and has only one plate. You have an adjustable heat gauge and will need to get your gas separately. I know that this is revealing my age a tad, but I remember when camping was all about hiking to the nearest bbq spot and spending ages creating a portable2fire to make coffee...

Anyway, with this beauty you’ll be whipping up hot coffee and tasty meals in no time at all, turning your festival into a luxury campout that will make your camping neighbours into friends. After all, who can resist being mates with the organised people?

Thanks to Finnboy at HUKD!


  • Itunu p.
    I am interesterd in buying large quantities of ur gas stove. At wat price wil u sell it to me bcos i am in nigeria. Thanks and hope to hear from u soon.
  • NguyenHoaiTra
    Thank you very much ! . You can visit here to see new gas hob : bep ga

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