Get Fit With The Kids For FREE With Parkrun

Get Fit With The Kids For FREE With Parkrun

Whether you have muttered some New Year's Resolution or not about fitness or weight loss, it can never hurt to add some healthy activity into your life. Ever hear of Parkrun before? It's a FREE event that happens on a weekly basis for families, across the UK (and all over the world). Exactly what the name suggests - Parkrun is a FREE timed run for the whole family.

Don't look at it as a New Year's Resolution but more of a FREE activity that you and the kids can get involved in.

Most events have a 5k run and some even do 2k runs for the kids. There's no pressure to run anything in a certain time nor is their any to say you have to be an athlete. In fact my brother goes to our local one and could hardly run until he started going weekly. It's volunteers that run the events which creates a nice friendly atmosphere.

Remember, it's completely FREE but you do need to register before your first run. Once you have done this you won't ever have to register with Parkrun again. Don't forget to bring a printed copy of your barcode so that you can be given the time of your run.

If there isn't an event close enough to you, then you can go about setting up your own on the Parkrun site.

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  • SueMorris

    For those with younger children (0-6 yrs) check out kidsrunfree. 

    • admin

      Thanks for that Sue, we'll have a look at that.

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