50 Things To Do Before You Are 11 ¾ @ The National Trust


Ah 11 the age when you know it all, or are at least getting there! This PDF from the National Trust lists 50 cool things “Outdoors Explorers” can do before they reach 11 ¾.

The 50 are in 5 categories “Adventurer”, “Discover”, Ranger”, “Tracker” and “Explorer” and range from the every day “Dance around in the rain” ( I live in Scotland, harder not to do than do this one!) to things that will require a little more organisation like “Canoe down a river”. There are also secret hidden challenges that you have to use your own skills to find too.

My own 7 year old was actually sitting beside me as I was writing these and wanted it printed immediately, so she could get started.

As you'd expect in this modern world, there's also an App for this (iOS/iPad/iPhone & Android) and you can find out more about that here.

Overall, it’s fun, it’s free and kids love lists like these where they can tick things off as they go.

Think your child would like it?

Thanks to Annamak @ HUKD!

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