Where's Wally 1000-Piece Puzzle £4.98 @ Tesco

Where's Wally 1000-Piece Puzzle £4.98 @ Tesco

Tesco have reduced the price of this Where's Wally 1000-piece puzzle down to £4.97, from £9.97.  If you're a puzzle fan, or have one in your family, then it might be something you should take a quick look at.

I love puzzles and even though I'm not a Where's Wally fan - he became popular just a little bit too late for me to be overly interested in him - I must confess that this Where's Wally 1000-piece puzzle really has my finger hovering above the 'add to basket' button.

I spend far too much time sitting at the computer, rushing around after teenagers, playing taxi driver, domestic slave etc and am looking for something I can get lost in and dip in and out of; I've found that's the best way to approach 1000-piecers that have a CRAZY complicated picture to put together.

Hefty 1000-piece Where's Wally puzzles aren't just for grown-ups, the recommended age range is eight year or older; just look at the picture for a minute, can you imagine the hours and hours of peace and quiet you'll experience when your child is utterly engrossed in it?  Everyone could seize the opportunity to join in and crack it together as a family.

Whether you're young, very young, older or just plain getting-on-a-bit puzzles keep the mind sharp and are, quite simply, brilliant things; did I mention that I love them?

Here's what an existing owner of the Where's Wally 1000-piece puzzle has to say about it...

"Really quite easy to do but interesting and big enough to make you want to do it, so, a bit addictive. Everyone in the family joined in at some point. At the end there were 4 of us leaning over each other to race to see who would place the last piece."

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