Walking With Dinosaurs Electronic Gorgon Dino Feet £8.99 @ Amazon

Walking with Dinosaurs

Amazon have reduced the £24.99 on a pair of Walking With Dinosaurs Electronic Gorgon Dino Feet to £8.99. They are still the same price - £24.99 that is - at Argos, so even with the £3.30 shipping bringing them to £12.29, they are still half the price of other places, so a pretty good deal for dinosaur lovers.

These Gorgon Dino Feet have "earth shattering stomping sounds", according to the description, but parents of recipients will be happy to know that at least one reviewer complained about it not being all that loud.

They are 'real' shoes with a max shoe size of UK5, and can be worn by children aged four and up. You - they - slide your shoe under the feet and adjust it with the foot straps to secure it in place. Then each step becomes a roar.

Some reviewers complain that they were a bit large and much to much so for four year olds. I'm not sure what the work around for them would be, except to make sure they wore good chunky shoes with it. And personally, not being 'earth shattering' loud sounds like a bonus to me.

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  • robertssophie
    these are currently in home bargains for £4.99 !

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