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vtech1 "Twinkle twinkle little starrrr, how I wonder what you are..."

Before my youngest was born I wasn't quite anti plastic books that required batteries and sang songs or read to you - I admit it, I'm a real-book snob or rather, I was.

One early birthday he was given a book similar to this one and the hours and hours of enjoyment he got, and still gets, from it is immeasureable and makes it worth its weight in gold.

This vTech nursery rhymes book is big and chunky so it will be able to withstand the hard knocks that come as standard when you're a kids toy.

It has 6 illustrated pages which are rigid plastic,  making it easy for small hands to turn and big hands to wipe clean.  Each page corresponds to a nursery rhyme: Hey Diddle Diddle, Wheels on the Bus, London Bridge, Humpty Dumpty, Ring-a-Ring of Roses and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

vtech2And there are, of course, the required flashing lights and sounds that will grab your child's attention and encourage them to interact and join in with the nursery rhymes.

Happy singing-a-long-a-VTech-nursery-rhymes!

Thanks to Twinx over at HUKD!

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