Usborne First English Dictionary £3.99 @ Red House

Usborne First English Dictionary £3.99 @ Red House

If you head over to Red House you'll be able to pick up an Usborne First English Dictionary for £3.99, rather than its full list price of £9.99.

I love Usborne books, and I love dictionaries too. I have a bit of a thing for reference books in general, but dictionaries and thesauruses (or is it thesauri?!  Or just thesaurus for singular and plural?!  Perhaps I should look in my dictionary!) really do it for me.

The Usborne First English Dictionary is features pages and pages and pages of lively and funny illustrations that demonstrate the meanings of each word. Those pages contain over 2,500 words and definitions, and suggestions for alternative words too, along with example sentences to show how to use those words in the correct context, and over 700 internet links.

Single item delivery will cost you an additional £2.95, unless something else takes your fancy and your order tips into the £15 free delivery bracket.

Happy looking up words!


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