Uncle Milton Star Wars Darth Vader Arm £11.23 @ Amazon

Uncle Milton Star Wars Darth Vader Arm £11.23 @ Amazon

dartharmWhen I first saw this product I spent a long time wondering who Uncle Milton was? Darth’s brother? An aging uncle perhaps? Needless to say, whatever his role in Star Wars history, he appears to have created a robotic Darth Vader arm that is selling for a good £18 less than its usual price of £30. 

This toy is self assembled by yourself. It’s an adventure to be had by the entire family, especially dad as he sobs over impossible instructions and doesn’t get much sleep until it’s done. In fact, it is likely dad will not stop until it’s perfect because that’s what dads do. 

You can use the controls to take hold of objects and move them around using the interactive controls. The set comes with a stand that has the controls built-in for you, ready to go. dartharm2

Although I am a self-confessed geek and Star Wars lover I’m not entirely sure what the point of this is. Nor do I see any resemblance to Darth but more to the Terminator. That said, the entire Milton range has been developed with education in mind, to encourage kids to be more interested in space and engineering. Sounds good to me. 

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