Tomy Aquadoodle £11.95 @ Amazon

Tomy Aquadoodle £11.95 @ Amazon

aquadoodleOh joy! Oh rapture! This Tomy Aquadoodle mat  is one of those things likely to have me waxing lyrical for days. The fact that Amazon keep reducing its price has my bank account waxing lyrical too - it's £11.95 now instead of £19.99.

I loved painting as a kid but I’ll confess the words, “Can we do painting Mummy?!” from my kids, when they were really little, used to make my heart sink.

If your kids are older you’ll understand exactly where I’m coming from – we all know painting is fun but before a certain age it’s a real palava: cover EVERYTHING with newspaper – even the walls, unless you’re fearless in the face of poster paints! – get everything set  up, painting shirts on, braced and ready AND…all for a few splats of paint on the paper before your little Rembrandt has had enough and wants to do something else!

This Tomy Aquadoodle mat is the PERFECT solution, I wish they’d been around when the big kids were small!

No setting up, no mess, no clearing up – I mean, really, this is a busy parent’s DREAM activity!

A little bit of  water is all that’s required to let your child’s inner Jackson Pollock run riot – simply fill up the special pens with the wet stuff and DRAW! or use the special paintbrush and stamps to add different effects.

When the Tomy Aquadoodle mat dries out the pictures disappear and you’re left with a clean blank canvas on which to create another masterpiece; brilliant!

Thanks to shadow1 over at HUKD


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