TL4 Sunburst Children’s Guitar £13.95 @ Conrad

5 September 2010

guitar This is a fantastic deal for a starter guitar for kids that’s down to a mere £13.95 at Conrad and, thanks to the lovely voucher code below, gets free delivery too. For musical children or parents who want musical children, this is a lovely price for a sweet little guitar.

The TL4 Sunburst guitar comes with a two year warranty (ace!), has steel strings and is made entirely from linden wood. It’s 64cm in size so it should be alright for most kids to handle quite comfortably. While this won’t necessarily be the world’s most awesome guitar, it’s  good place to start.

Now, if you would like to nab this guitar for £13.95 and avoid the horrors of postage costs then use the guitarcode 020077-89 to get it sent to your home for free.

I wish we hadn’t bought our daughter a plastic electronic monstrosity from ELC now, this is far better and is at least a good stepping stone to a real guitar.

Thanks to amibees at HUKD!

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