Star Wars 'Clone Wars' Junior Laptop £9.99 @ M&M

"Excellent the price on this Star Wars laptop is!" (you have to say that in your best Yoda otherwise it just doens't work).

laptop2 This Clone Wars junior laptop should be £39.99 but has been reduced to £9.99 - stocks are already limited so if you want one don't mess around because I imagine they are going to fly off the virtual shelves as if they made the jump to light speed!

We are all BIG Star Wars fans in this house (and btw...The Empire Strikes Back really IS the best movie out of all of them!) and my youngest has ditched Bob the Builder and Co in favour of all things Star Wars, so he's going to LOVE this.

laptopThe laptop has 8 inter-galactic games, an ABC keyboard and, according to the blurb and powerful sound effects (I'm sold on it just for the sound effects - by the way if you're a Star Wars fan with an iPhone you have to check out the lightsabre app!)

The laptop games will help your child to build on their maths skills, logic and memory, expand their vocabulary and improve spelling and encourages music.

Standard postage on this is £3.95, it takes 2AA batteries but I can't see anywhere that says whether they are included or not .

Thanks to imsofoxy over at HUKD!

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