St. Patricks Day Bakes And Cakes

28 February 2013

On Sunday 17 March it will be St. Patrick’s Day and what a great reason to whip up tasty bakes and cakes and treats and have a fantastic time. The day is a cultural and religious celebration that commemorates St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland and is celebrated across the world. So, without further ado, here are some tasty treats and ideas for you to make your celebration super green!

In a way that can only be described as cheesy and ever so silly, the Irish Stew is a great addition to your St. Patrick’s Day, erm, day. This particular dish is not only rich, tasty and packed full of nutrients, but it is perfect for the chilly weather as we amble into spring. I particularly enjoy the recipe on BBC Good Food

Also on BBC Good Food is another recipe that I love, and I don’t just save for this special occasion. It’s Guinness & Honey glazed pork loin and it is utterly divine. It is easy to make and tastes great. And you are allowed to sip at the leftover Guinness…

Taste of Home(such an ace name for a website) has also got some lovely St. Patrick’s Day recipes and one of these is delectable and wicked – Homemade Irish Cream. It is so decadent that you will actually see the calories jumping over one another with glee, but it is heavenly and the fact that it is alcohol free means that everyone can enjoy the taste.


Now it is time to bring a bit of the green into the scene with a lovely Leek and Potato soup listed on This particular recipe has been submitted by a user and I ended up falling in love with it – this is one of the first soup recipes for leek and potato that hasn’t flopped for me.

Potato cakes are a stunning way of using up mashed potatoes or making an unusual and filling breakfast. I whip these up on weekends when we have a lot on and the kids need something to keep their energy levels up all day. You can’t go wrong with these as you can serve them with the filling or topping that kids love – baked beans, or eggs or anything!

No list of treats is complete without some recipes from as they happen to have recipes that WORK. How many times have you followed a recipe to the letter only to end up with something utterly icky at the end? Yeah. Me too. Just visit their landing page and select recipes like the Shamrock Shake (hahah) or the Irish Soda Bread or Guinness Cake. I recommend the latter as it ends up a very moist and tasty cake for afternoon tea and happiness.

Grab the kids and pop on their aprons and let’s go green with these amazing green velvet cupcakes from Love From The Oven. You can make these into cupcakes, cake pops, whoopie pies, bites and so much more. Heck, why not make a great, big green velvet cake!

Taste of Home have a list of green treats that include Chocolate-Mint Shamrock Cupcakes, Holiday Pistachio Dessert and St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes (dead cute with their little leprechaun hats on). These range in difficulty and kids will not have any problem helping you to make the cupcakes and their batter at all.


If you don’t feel like putting on a ton of weight this St. Patrick’s Day, then you are probably reading the wrong feature. Wow, I love my baking. Check out this Key Lime Yoghurt Pie – it looks amazing, it is quite easy to make (although I did have one flop) and it’s low in calories. Well, low compared to some of the food I make! There are ten healthy green recipes for St. Patrick’s Day on this site and they all look amazing.

So yes, I may be giving you lots of lovely ideas well in advance of the big day (just under a month), but I thought you would appreciate having some time to practise and, of course, enjoy the treats you make. Have fun! Next week I’m going to be looking at creative ideas for St. Patrick’s Day crafts.

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