Scrabble Trickster £11.28 @ Amazon

Scrabble Trickster £11.28 @ Amazon

Amazon has reduced the price of the Scrabble Trickster game from £21.99 to £11.28 which is a saving of £10.71 off the original price. This is a pretty good deal actually, and it comes with their tasty Super Saver Delivery of course!

Whether you are a Scrabble newcomer or an expert you can get a whole new experience out of playing Scrabble Trickster. There are trick cards that level the playing field by breaking the rules of Scrabble, you can even steal your opponent’s high score or make them lose their turn.

In this twist on the classic word game, Scrabble players use their seven drawn letter tiles to form words on the game board as usual but, and this is a big but, you can now add in things like proper names or celebrity names, or write the words backwords, or just plonk the words down in the middle of the board without linking them to other words.

This will either enchant you or horrify you but the deal is spot on. So…which are you? Scrabble purist or Scrabble fun?

Thanks to lucerysmum at HUKD!


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