Back To School Maths Help £39 @ Mathletics

3 August 2010


I remember Maths. I remember sitting on my bed and crying because I’d spent an entire lesson completely and utterly confused. Nothing had made sense and I hated feeling so stupid and frustrated. The thing is, my brother aced maths. I think it’s either something you “get” or something you don’t, so thank goodness for extra tuition or, in this case, a website that’s all about offering maths help whenever you need it.

This is not a free service, charging you £39 for an annual subscription to the site. This covers 24 hour access to the site for 12 months. Not bad actually for an annual fee when you consider how much a private tutor would cost if you went that route...

It covers the entire curriculums from Reception to Year 12 with the topics all broken down into easily accessible categories. I spent a little time roaming the site to get a feel for it, and I must admit that I found it pleasantly easy to navigate as well.

I hope my daughter has the same affinity for maths as my husband. My failure to comprehend numbers has been something of a pain most of my life, and maths boffins always impress me. However, if she doesn’t, then this looks like a good place to start.

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