School Freebie: Free Potato Growing Kit For Schools

School Freebie: Free Potato Growing Kit For Schools

This is a brilliant freebie and one that keeps on giving. You register with the site Grow Your Own Potatoes and you can get an entire kit sent to your child’s primary school that will teach them everything they need to know about these scrummy veg.

The website is a project that teachers primary aged children all about potatoes. They learn how potatoes grow and how they fit into a balanced diet. All you need to do is register your school to receive a free potato growing kit.

The free kit includes supporting lesson plans and worksheets and kids get a chance to win ace prizes for the school. You need to register for the free potato growing kit before 03 February so get started now if you haven’t already raced on over to the site.

This seems like a really cool freebie and one that I am definitely taking part in but I do have one question, why potatoes?

Thanks to chesso at HUKD!


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