Save £20 On The Xbox 360 @ Simply Games

23 May 2013

The Xbox 360 Slim Console 250Gb has been marked down from £199.99 to just £179.99. And with a £20 discount and the thinness of the unit you just can’t afford not to order today! Courier is £5.95 so you may as well pop a few games into your SimplyGames shopping cart while you’re at it and justify the delivery charge.

OK so here’s the run-down on the unit. The new Xbox 360 console itself is smaller – so it’ll fit neatly on the shelf. Its the only console with 802.11n Wi-Fi built in which means you’ll get an unfettered connection to the ever-expanding entertainment possibilities of Xbox LIVE – including a fast and easy way to play games with friends around the world. The Xbox 360 Slim also has a built-in 250 GB drive so it has a ton of room to store films, games, saves, add-ons, photos, music and anything else that you can think of. And it’s removable too, just in case you ever want to take it to a friend’s house.

The feature list goes on forever but top-line: 1) this gaming console is fast and wireless 2) it has a a huge removable hard drive,3) its got touch-sensitive buttons like your phone and (best of all) 4)you can still connect the controllers and any other accessories that you already own to it.

I like that it’s shiny and black and matches my TV but that’s just me…

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