Rubiks Magic Puzzle £3.82 @ Amazon


Amazon has reduced the Rubiks Magic Puzzle down from £10.99 to only £3.82 including free delivery. That’s a whopping saving of £7.17 off the original price for an ace game that encourages spatial learning and fun.

The Rubik’s Magic game is another brainstraining game from the makers of the Rubiks Cube that will challenge everyone in the family and probably cause no end of frustration. The eight segments can be individually folded over in different ways to make a visually exciting and challenging puzzle.

The set comes with the magic puzzle and an instruction booklet that will teach you the rudiments of gameplay. The puzzle is mechanical and has multi-hinged panels that reveal the puzzle as they fold. You need to link the three rings together by folding the panels in different directions.

Thank goodness it comes with a hint booklet, that’s all I can say!

The game was invented by Erno Rubik, the very same man who created the original cube that is still on sale today.

Thanks to deborahm at HUKD!

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