Remote Controlled Solar System £14.99 @ Amazon

23 April 2010

asolar This Uncle Milton's Solar System Mobile is all about education and fun mixed together into one awesome product. Down to only £14.99 at Amazon, including free delivery, this remote controlled toy makes me want to be a kid again, badly. It has so many features that I am wondering where to start.

This mobile is a motorised replica of the planets and the sun, all of which light up and glow and do all sorts of funky things. This is an orbiting solar system right inside your room, yeah! No, it isn't weird that you want one as badly as your kids do...

The system comes with an audio CD that takes you on a fascinating tour of the solar system and a light pointer to locate each planet and make comets and meteors streak across the night sky. Oh yes, this fabulous toy gets you exploring our solar system right from the comfort of your bedroom. asolar2

The nine planets actually orbit the sun that lights up and casts its glow on the detailed coloured planets. The CD has fascinating facts about our solar system and is a superb educational tool (as well as totally awesome gadget). Oh, and this would double up brilliantly as a nightlight as it switches off after 15 minutes.

Thanks to Mackokoma at HUKD!

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  • Chris S.
    9 planets ? Not updated yet then to 8 planets. I'll wait.

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