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25 September 2010

read3 This particular kit has been marked down before but it is such a good deal, and such a neat saving, that it is well worth mentioning again. Just in case you didn’t catch in time before. Marked down from £13.69 to £15, there is a saving of £108.69, a phenomenal deal!

I’m such a sucker for book deals. I have a pile of books that I haven’t had a chance to get stuck into yet sitting beside my bed, and my daughter has a bookshelf so squished full that she can read a new book every day for a month.

This collection includes 31 books and represents the complete Read at Home collection. The box set features five levels, each level with five storybooks. The handbook that comes with it is updated and easy to use, helping kids readand parents to make reading fun and successful.

You get to meet all the popular Oxford Tree characters, enjoy cute stories, and help your children to learn at the same time. All for only £15. Bargain.

Thanks to edi at JUKD!

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