Praktica Dpix 5201G 5MP Digital Camera £19.89 @

17 September 2010

camera2 It has to be said that this is a phenomenal price for a 5MP digital camera. Down from £34.95 to only £19.89, this is a fantastic price for a digital camera and well worth getting if you need a general snapper or want to inspire your kids to take up photography.

I am so impressed with this price. I can remember when digital cameras cost the absolute Earth! It would have cost you at least £400 for a camera with these specifications back in the day, and now they are only £19. Unbelievable.

This isn’t a high-end camera by any means, but it certainly will get the job done nicely for people who just want to be able to point and click. You get 5MP, a decent quality, a focal length of 8.35mm, and 4x digital zoom.  Digital zoom isn’t great I’m afraid. It’s not going to get you good quality close-ups at all, so don’t expect that from this camera.

camera2This is a good general purpose camera that will keep your kids happy, or make a grandparent delighted if you feel like slipping it in their stocking. Oh, and it comes with free delivery too!

Thanks to millarcat at HUKD!

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