Playteachers Role Play Game £6 @ Little Bird

Playteachers Role Play Game £6 @ Little Bird

Whenever primary school children are asked what they want to be when they grow up you can bet a big chunk of them will say they want to be a teacher. This Playteachers Role Play Game is brilliant for those children as they can get everything they need to set up their own pretend class and play at being a teacher themselves. It's on offer at just £6 at Little Bird for the next three days only.

You get an awful lot for your money in this game including all of this:

  • Teacher's Register
  • Traffic Light Poster
  • Whiteboard and Drywipe Pen
  • Golden Rules Cards
  • Daily timetable Cards
  • Classroom Jobs Charts
  • Certificates and Stickers
  • Homework Chart
  • Funsheets
  • Smiley Face Chart

The whole set of supplies comes in a sturdy school bag so that little ones can take their teacher's supplies with them. Expect them to start playing teacher for their friends, teddies and the family, but don't misbehave or you might end up on the red traffic light!

Playteachers packs are normally £9.50 each, but with this offer you can get one for £6 or two for £10. Postage and packing adds £1.51 for a single pack or £2.05 for the double pack.

I really like this unusual game, and it is great for encouraging imaginative play and building communication skills and confidence. I can think of lots of children who would really enjoy this, my own included.

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