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5 August 2010

14695_lrg Have you spent an entire weekend/night/day sewing labels into clothing, onto shoes and everything else that can’t be nailed down? Yeah, me too. This whole back to school malarkey has its down sides. I chose iron on labels and I can’t iron. Anyway, Getting have got personalised lunch boxes for £9.95 which I thought was a bit of a bargain.

Apparently school children in the UK eat over 5.5 billion packed lunches every year. Who adds this stuff up? I often wonder if there is a strange human in an anorak walking around and counting school lunches every day.

Anyway, if you plan to be one of those fabulously efficient families that prepared a delicious packed lunch every day, then these personalised boxes are ideal. Nobody can say that its theirs and it should be easy enough to find in the mass.

14692_lrgThere are some really cute designs available, too. The alien one is adorable and I want that, but my daughter will probably go for the strawberry one or the one with baby hippos and lions on it. There are penguins, safari friends, rocket ships, frogs, pink bunnies, monsters, toolboxes, sunbeams and the list goes on. I love these and am hoping to review them this month!

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