Peppa Pig Magic Lantern £6.50 @ Debenhams


The Peppa Pig Magic Lantern has had some great reviews both online and in my friendship circle. It’s dead cute and enchants the kids and is now down from the hefty rate of £13 to a much easier £6.50 at Debenhams.

The Peppa Pig Magic Lantern comes with two AA batteries and is ideal for kids aged three and up. It has a fold-out handle for easy carrying and is about 17x13x13cm in size. Now the premise of the lantern is simple – you blow it to turn it on and then blow it to turn it off.

Sound really boring? Well, it isn’t! When I saw one of these over Christmas I have to confess to having spent a good couple of minutes secretly doing just that – blowing it to turn it on and off. It works perfectly and is remarkably fun. Kids utterly adore it!

There are Peppa Pig markings all along the base of the lantern and it looks exactly like a proper camping lamp. It’s cute, fun and a low, low price. Nab it for those upcoming birthday parties and be the parent with the best present, ever.

Thanks to shadow1 at HUKD!

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  • GateGipsy
    Oh this is so sweet! I really like it.

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