Parents Freebie: Free Online Photograph Course

Parents Freebie: Free Online Photograph Course

wedding-photosI couldn’t be more excited about a freebie! I am desperate to learn more about photography as I’ve not had time to go to lessons or put what I’ve learned so far into practise, so an online course that can be done in my own time is rather perfect. Here, at you can learn all the secrets of digital photography for no cost at all.

The site is really easy to navigate and you can start your lessons from wherever your skill levels are today. You can learn how to work with the light you are given, how to get people to post for you, focal length and so much more.

Each course comes with images and clear instructions to help you learn about each element of digital photography so you can quietly figure stuff out at your own pace. I really think that this is quite brilliant as courses are very heavyposeexpensive in the UK.

If you get stuck, you can always ask a friend or do a YouTube search for a video walkthrough, otherwise you can carry on, learn what you need, and walk away as a pro. What an ace freebie!

Thanks to leemole101 at HUKD!


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