Origami Monster Bookmarks

9 September 2012

If you've been with us for a while then you'll know that I'm a BIG fan of reading; anything that gets children fired up about reading is a great thing in my book - oh, OH!!! In my book!!  Sorry, that pun was really unintended and one of my better ones of late, you have to admit.

Anyway, I came across this rather neat little idea for bookmarks, but not just ordinary boring bookmarks - origami MONSTER bookmarks!

Not only can you sit down and make them with your child and get them all excited to read a couple of pages so they can use their little character, but you'll never lose your place in longer bedtime stories again!

You won't need much, just some different coloured stiff paper or card, a pair of scissors, some glue and a bit of imagination - you could really go to town and make your own designs based on the characters in the picture, or just make exact copies of them if you think they're great.

I love messing around with things like this; I think I might make myself a couple, just for the fun of it and 'because I can'!

Happy origami monster bookmark making!

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