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7 July 2010

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The ice cream came with sweets sprinkled on it. At first I thought they were Smarties, but a taste revealed something akin to Skittles. Five minutes later I added a few grey hairs to my head, and ten years to my life, as my five year old son ran screaming with his arms in the air through the first floor of Fortnam & Mason weaving through tables containing dishes that cost more than I earn in a year.

SV103517We were there to find out more about a website that's a LOT more parent friendly than a bunch of E numbers and sugar. Club Penguin is an ad-free, online, virtual world of games and activities for children.

You can register for free and gain access to most of the content. You'll get extra features if you subscribe. At around £3.95 a month, with discounts if you sign up for longer, it compares favourably to an equivalent spend on renting a DVD or buying a magazine.

The website offers games, role playing (encourages reading and the development of keyboarding skills), and a virtual community where children are encourages to be stewards of the island and can apply to be tour guides or secret agents.

When it comes to chatting to other players, there are two options for parents to choose from. Ultimate Safe Chat restricts to the player to a predefined menu of greetings, questions, emoticons etc. With Standard Chat, players can type their own messages. These are filtered and monitored by trained staff, who will block attempts to communicate a phone number or other personally identifiable information.

I haven't given the site a try yet. I'm still waiting for son to come down from his additive induced high! But from what I've seen so far, I like. It's not commercial in appearance, as it is ad free, and it has a great feel to it.

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  • Pete
    My kids (boy aged 9 and girl aged 7) have been playing this for months now, they think it's great. I think it's great cos it shuts them up!
  • Donnie
    Oohh... my son loves Club Penguin. It's adorable, isn't it? I don't mind him going on that site because it's engaging, arguably educational (having to collect coins to buy things and needing to do the Maths) and interactive. He plays with my bosses daughter sometimes and they trail one another around like lovesick Penguins.
  • Nicola
    Gosh this made me chuckle! So sorry about the Sprinkle effect, I thought I might see my knickerbocker glory again when I went swimming later! Great to meet you.
  • Fiona
    My 9-year old is into this - it's great! You can actually do quite a few of the activities for free - try before you buy - but membership is required if you want to spend your coins, and some games are members only. And if you're not convinced about putting your details online to pay for membership, you can buy a giftcard for one, six or 12 months at Sainburys - activate at the till, then enter the unique card number with your password, and you're away. The games & tasks earn coins, which you can spend at the gift shop, use to upgrade your igloo or adopt a pet Puffle, which then needs feeding, exercising, etc. Lots to play, and lots of learning too! A great alternative to shoot 'em up games.
  • Lynley O.
    Wow you've all convinced me! Thanks for the tip Fiona. Will definitely try that. And thanks for the mental imagery Nicola!! That was a HUGE knicerbocker glory though. I have the picture to prove it!
  • Vonnie
    What I love about Club Penguin is that it appeals to a wide age range. My 9 year old absolutely LOVES Club Penguin (and the associated merchandise which has cost me a small fortune!) but his 4 year old brother & 3 year old sister have bought into it too.
  • Fiona
    We had to rush home from karate class yesterday, as my boy's (Penguin) band were booked to play at the lighthouse!
  • Lynley O.
    oh bless that's so sweet!

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