Nintendo Wii uDraw GameTablet & uDraw Studio £39.99 @ Bee

Nintendo Wii uDraw GameTablet & uDraw Studio £39.99 @ Bee


The Nintendo uDraw GameTablet is fast becoming one of the coolest kids toys around this year and Bee are selling the uDraw GameTablet and the uDraw Studio for only £39.99 including free delivery. This is substantially less than the average of £45 from most other retailers.

The Nintendo uDraw GameTablet is a new way for players to interact with each other and their Wii. The uDraw GameTablet is completely wireless with a tethered stylus and a drawing area of 6x4inches. It integrates the Wii Remote into its design and takes advantage of the controller’s motion control capabilities,

The Nintendo uDraw GameTablet comes bundled with the uDraw Studio where players can explore drawing, colouring and sketching models that accommodate various levels of artistic ability. You can then save your work and share it with others. And today the Peppa Pig game that uses the uDraw GameTablet is about to be launched so this is ideal for summer fun and entertainment.

Thanks to delliem at HUKD!


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