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Pfree Bumps & babies is a fabulous magazine that’s packed with lots of useful articles and advice for mums and dads expecting their first baby. It’s also wonderfully free! Just click on the link below to order your free copy and you’ll also get a free NCT DVD called Mums’ The Word that helps new mums cope with life as a parent.

The magazine is sponsored by Persil and Comfort Pure so expect a little advertising to find its way into your room while you read. The only other down side is that it is only available to those in the UK as they are unable to send it overseas.

In the latest issue they look at the foods you shouldn’t be eating while pregnant, give you a week by week Pfree2pregnancy guide and talk you through the different antenatal tests you may be offered. There are plenty of other features to get your teeth into including maternity entitlements and sex in pregnancy.

This magazine is a really good read for parents and does have a lot of great advice included. Certainly I found that joining the NCT gave me plenty of benefits and the mag was a jolly good read.

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