Monopoly CityVille Only £7.61 @ Amazon

Monopoly CityVille Only £7.61 @ Amazon

Amazon have slashed 65% off the re-imagined classic so you pay just £7.61 for Monopoly CityVille instead of £14.38! And if you order today your Monopoly CityVille will be delivered free to your door tomorrow!

The classic fast-dealing property trading Monopoly game has been re-imagined like the addictive online CityVille game resulting in Monopoly Cityville. Buy properties, build houses, community spaces and businesses on them and raise cash when it's your turn. You'll pay when you land on zoning permit spaces and get paid when you pass Go. The first player to build 4 skyscrapers wins. Become a tycoon while you build your dream city with the CityVille Monopoly game.

My best childhood memories were sitting around the Monopoly board on a lazy Sunday afternoon as a family while I attempted to take over the world! Unfortunately that didn’t materialise (mainly because my brother tended to throw the board up in frustration) but I can’t wait to introduce my daughter to the new improved (and less playing time) Monopoly CityVille game. Now I can foster the capitalist in her while she buys the properties she loves from the online game and builds on them as she likes. She can construct any combination of buildings, mix and match houses, businesses and community buildings, then decorate her properties with a selection of Mystery Gifts that increase their value. I can also become a successful mayor (always wanted to wear that necklace thingey!), just by building my city and keeping my citizens happy by building houses, setting up businesses and providing community spaces. Whoever grows their neighbourhood and build four skyscrapers will win.

Monopoly CityVille includes a game board, four movers, 66 buildings, 16 skyscraper tops, city money, zoning permit cards, mystery gift cards, visitor centre cards, two dice, game guide and a digital value card. Now we just need to settle the argument of who gets to be the racing car…


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