LEGO DUPLO 5416 Bucket of Bricks £8.81 @ Amazon

Lego This is a faboosh deal for those of you considering an investment in some Lego for your kids. I bought this exact set for a lot more dosh than the mere £8.81 it’s on sale here for at Amazon. Marked down from £12.99, this 33 piece set is loads of fun for parents and kids alike.

I must admit that this was one of my best buys ever. The set has tons of variations to build on and enough pieces to build a tower higher than me. Yes, we tried that. Enormous fun for toddlers watching mum stretch up to carefully attach the final piece.

Although I am getting just a little tired of the 6am “Mommy, can we play Lego now, please?” when all I feel cLego2apable of doing is pouring coffee down my throat. The box is super sturdy so it stores well and you can use it to build cats, flowers, buildings and any other bizarre creatures that take your fancy.

Trust me, Lego building is a trip down memory lane that you’ll enjoy as much as they do. Unless it’s at 6am.

Thanks to amibees at HUKD!

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