LeapFrog Scout AlphaPet Phonics Explorer £8.70 @ Amazon

leapfrog1'A' is for Amazon and 'Buh' is for bargain which is exactly what this LeapFrog Scout AlphaPet toy is as Amazon are offering it to you for £8.70 rather than the £14.99+ everywhere else.

Scout is a little puppy who loves to teach and has various toys that feature him across the LeapFrog range, he's quite an endearing little chap and, in this instance, will help your child explore the delights of phonics.

I'm in two minds about learning phonetically I must confess - I've been to all the class meetings over the last 12 years of my childrens' school lives and listened to all the reasons why phonetic learning is THE only way to go but it still seems like your having to learn something twice to me; what's wrong with 'B' is for bargain in the first place?

Anyway, regardless of my opinion this learning toy is another weapon in your arsenal when it comes to teaching your little one the alphabet; it's such a fundamental basic I think it's worth using as many different tactics as you can to get these letters learned asap.

leapfrog2There are the four different modes of play using music and games to teach your little learner about letter sounds and names and, hurrah for LeapFrog, Scout even has an English accent so you won't end up with a child who can recite their alphabet sounding like a true New Yoiker ....if that's a party trick you want in their repertoire you'll have to teach them that one yourself.

'Scout' is small enough to be portable; learning on the move, I like that and he even comes with his own 3 AA batteries...or should that be 'A-A' batteries?!

Thanks to Andy Wedge over at HUKD!

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