Hello Kitty Lunchboxes And School Necessities £1 @ Poundland

Hello Kitty Lunchboxes And School Necessities £1 @ Poundland

This is a pretty nifty deal for those of you in need of all the back to school essentials and who don’t fancy spending a fortune to get them. You can get a bunch of Hello Kitty items that are required for school and all of them cost just a pound.

The items that stand out as brilliant back to school essentials are the lovely Hello Kitty lunchbox with its neat design and single storage space, the assorted Disney hairbands for keeping hair off the face and the Hello Kitty sportsbottle for all-day hydration.

There are also plenty of other hair related items such as clips with extensions (not for school) and assorted hair clips and slides and bobbles. There is also Hello Kitty Toothbrush and Cap sets and Hello Kitty toothpaste, although I’m not entirely sure the latter is made with real tooth care in mind.

Thanks to glass_half_full at HUKD!


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