Kids Silicone Baking Set £2 @ Wilkinson

Kids Silicone Baking Set £2 @ Wilkinson

Now this is an excellent deal for the burgeoning little chef in your home. Wilkinson have reduced this silicone baking set designed specifically for kids from £6 to £2, a nice saving of well over half the original price.

Is it just me or is there suddenly a ton of baking deals at the moment? It must be all this Diamond Jubilee spirit inspiring people to pick up whisks and start creating all sorts of frothing wonders. Well, this particular deal is a great starter kit for any home, kids or not.

This 18 piece baking set is astonishingly good value for money. There is absolutely no description on the website about what you get so I am going to have to guess from the picture. There are cookie cutters, a sieve, a spatula, a rolling pin, silicone cupcake cases, a jug, a whisk and some worrying tweezer looking things.

And if this deal is not up your alley, there are loads of others like the train mould that’s only 50p or the kitchen spatula set that’s only £1. Lots of lovely deals here. I am so nabbing them.

Thanks to taswir1 at HUKD!


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