Kids' Science Sets From £4.99 @ Lidl From 14th December

Kids' Science Sets From £4.99 @ Lidl From 14th December

If you still need a few more little gifts for the kids these Science Sets from Lidl are ideal, and they start at just £4.99! They're in Lidl stores from this Thursday 14th December so I shall be heading there to snap some up! There are small sets for £4.99 each and larger sets for £12.99.

The £4.99 sets are brilliant value for money, and include a Crystals, Rocks and Minerals, T-Rex, Compass and Magnetism and even a Detective Kit.

The larger sets are great value for money as they include more complex experiments, with one even including a microscope!

I know my eldest would love some of these, so I'll be heading to Lidl on Thursday to try and pick some up for him.

These and other Christmas Gifts* are in Lidl stores from Thursday 14th December, subject to availability.


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