Kids Freebie: Free Crab Stickers @ PETA Kids

Kids Freebie: Free Crab Stickers @ PETA Kids

This is such a cute freebie, and so utterly random too. Here you get free hermit crab stickers from PETA Kids, which are adorable, and have a rather stern message printed on them. If your kids fancy making a difference and love stickers, then this is the freebie for you.

Have you ever seen shops selling hermit crabs? According to PETA Kids you probably have and that in the wild, hermit crabs can live to be 30 years old. That’s an impressive age for a crustacean I believe. These chaps live on Southern beaches in big groups with up to 100 other hermit crabs.

These chaps are not meant to be alone in a tiny tank. It’s horrible for them, they want to be with their families out in the wild. With these stickers your kids can stand up for what’s right and let everyone know that animals are not souveniers.

Thanks to hyperbole at HUKD!


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