Kids Freebie: Free Colouring Pages @

Kids Freebie: Free Colouring Pages @

This is a really cool website for free kid stuff actually. It was a rather brilliant find by the HUKD writer as the site has become something that my daughter absolutely loves. You get tons of freebies that can entertain for hours.

The range of colouring pages on offer is fantastic. They have themes like Greek Legends or Famous Americans to choose from or you can go with particular dates – Easter, Christmas, Halloween – or famous characters like Mickey Mouse.

The Drawing section has drawing lessons for kids, the activities pages are packed with cool ideas for fun things to do, and there is also reading, games, and video music. They also have a thing called Yodicity which, at first, had me wondering if it was a Yoda-type zen spot for kids. But no, it is like a dress-up, interactive spot where you can also encourage your kids to write their own blog – which is an educational tool for developing writing and creativity.

Thanks to myHedgehog at HUKD!


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