Junior Brain Trainer DS £9 @ Amazon

Junior Brain Trainer DS £9 @ Amazon

brainThis is an ace deal for parents who want to entertain their kids but in an educational way. This particular title has been designed to boost young brains and costs only £9 at Amazon including free delivery!

The structured gameplay of Junior Brain Trainer fits in with the shorter attention spans of children and there are five activities to choose from each day. These five activities challenge their skills and give them a rewarding mini-game when they complete them.

There are six mini-games to unlock that include Snakes, Football Breakout, Pairs, Balloon Burst, Beggar my Neighbour and Ghost Chase. Actually most of those look quite fun for parents too!

The games are designed to improve reading, writing, spelling, maths, logic puzzles and geometry skills from the age brain2of six to the age of 11.

I think this is an ace deal if you already have a DS, especially as a Christmas present or as something to keep until you depart on your Christmas holidays. It’s bound to keep them occupied for a good part of the flight anyway!

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