Jungle Beats Musical Instruments £5.00 @ Boots

Jungle Beats Musical Instruments £5.00 @ Boots


I sometimes find it hard to strike a balance between indoor play and energy consumption. Truth is, the more I can tire my little girl out, the better! As she has the attention span of a one year old, this seven-piece instrument set from Boots for just £5 – compared to £17 at ELC – seems perfect!

My daughter seems to have inherited my love for music, and I have immense joy in watching her clap, 'sing' and dance whenever she comes in earshot of music. I have tried to nurture this over the past few months by introducing rattles, a tambourine, bells and maracas to her toy box.

Boots are currently offering a set consisting of a drum, a monkey tambourine, parrot maracas, frog castanets and a crocodile flute. Although this might sound like a musical tragedy if you have a few children in the house, it could still provide hours of fun as children either master one instrument or share and discover the differences between them.

In the case of my little one, this one set provides at least 28 minutes of entertainment as she flits from one to the other.

Additionally, these form part of the 3 for 2 Mix & Match offer and are worth 20 Advantage card points too.

Really, now, the only thing missing from all this, are my ear plugs!

With thanks to RosieWoo over at HUKD


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