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3 August 2010


It’s been very interesting to learn about the different things available for children as they enter school and deal with all sorts of different things. I know that, as a mum who’s about to see her first child start school for the first time, I’m desperate to get it all right. And I’m a little fussy about what she’s allowed to eat too. So these snacks for kids packed lunches look really interesting.

The range includes items like the Fruitus Smoothie Bars that contain 70 percent fruit, 74 calories and are coated in creamy yoghurt. Actually, just writing that made me hungry. I love fruit and yoghurt bars.

The Grizzly Bars are a chewy blend of fruit and cereal in a variety of mouth-watering flavours such as apricot and honey, banana and sultana, and blackcurrant and apple. YUM.

Then there’s the Kidz Snacking range which is a health bar made from 100 percent organic ingredients, is gluten and dairy free and comes in the flavours of; blackcurrant buzz, amazing apple, and smooth strawberry.

All of the bars provide one of the needed five a day which make them something I’m thinking of trying out come September. Anyone else tried them? I’d love to know what you think...

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  • The P.
    These snacks sound really interesting and we would hope that they don’t contain any refined sugars, only natural ones, as these are the foods that cause kids to give that initial burst of energy, but then they soon crash and become irritable and sluggish. For the penny-conscious parent, we’ve blogged about some really easy, but especially yummy and nutritious homemade snacks that parents can put in their kid’s lunchboxes come the new term. The post is here and we’d really love to hear your thoughts on our snack ideas.

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