Gro-Clock £26.99 @ Boots

Bgro Look, I know that this isn’t an incredibly cheap deal but the value it will give you in terms of sleep is unbeatable. It’s down from nearly £30 so you do save £3, and you get 104 Advantage Card points too. 

It’s the one thing that most parents really dread. It’s the 5am call of “Mooommmeeeee,” that grows increasingly louder and distressed until you eventually fall out of bed and unwillingly face the day. Unless you’re one of those people who can bounce out of bed after only 4 hours sleep, this clock may well be your salvation. 

The Gro-clock uses fun images of the moon and the sun to communicate with your child. If the moon is ugroclock2p then it isn’t wake-up time yet! I haven’t tried this clock so there may well be a very good chance that kids just point, laugh and resume the cries. Still, it’s got to be worth a shot? 

The screen glows and the stars around the moon go out one-by-one to show the passing of time. You can set the times yourself I think (doesn’t really say but makes sense that you can), adjust the screen brightness and it comes with a bedtime story book. 

Thanks to DB2k at HUKD!

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