Great Gizmos PowerCircuits Desk Fan Kit £3.80 @ Amazon

Great Gizmos PowerCircuits Desk Fan Kit £3.80 @ Amazon

fanWith the weather looking promising this is a great little project for those of you with slightly older kids

Toys for toys' sake are fab but  'toys' that you can build yourself, that work at the end AND have a practical use were, and still are, a big hit with all of my kids.

So the big kids are too old for this and the 'baby' would be too young if I paid attention to the 8 years upwards advice for this Desk Fan kit, but you know...I reckon he'd LOVE it and I'm not about to give him the box and just let him loose with it on his own; sensible parental judgement must sometimes prevail in my opinion.

So this Great Gizmos PowerCircuits desk fan kit comes with all sorts of bits and pieces to be put together before it works.  The kit comes with a sturdy pre-cut base, pre-wired motor, battery holder, self-assembly switch and foam propeller.

You'll need to assemble a simple electronic circuit board and piece the other bits together and in the process your child will learn all about basic electronic circuits and how it can be converted into energy.

I love things like this and your child will be blown away (hur hur) by their fab electronic engineering skills when they flick that switch for the first time and their fan whirs in to life!

Amazon have cut the price on this from £10 to £3.80 and if you're in no rush for delivery that's free with the SuperSaver deal.

Happy keeping cool!

Thanks to MikeT over at HUKD!


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