Galt Soft Photo Album £7.70 @ Amazon

12 March 2011

Galt Photo Album

The Galt Soft Photo Album is currently £7.70 at Amazon, 41% off the original £12.99

The Galt Soft Photo Album is a big fat soft book with eight large, themed, fabric pages, including textures and activities with seven clear photo pockets. The final page has a large mirror.

We have something similar to this soft photo album, and it really is great for little ones. It helps when there are family members that aren't around that often – place their pictures in the photo album and your little one can turn and chew the pages as much as they like, with no damage to your pictures.

Amazon reviewers have given the photo album 4.7 out of 5 stars, and have commented on its appropriateness and how child safe it is. They have said that it is durable and withstands a toddler and a baby, and one little one even sleeps with it.

It really is a lovely concept, and we like ours. For this price, it's even more worth it!

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  • SlayerKat
    By coincidence I bought this recently! Must have seen it in an Amazon Recommends email.. it's a rather lovely book. Much bigger than it looks in the picture. Fits traditional 5 by 4 photos. My three year old loves it!
  • Luschka O.
    They are great, aren't they? Ours is in storage in a box somewhere at the moment, till our move is over, so I can't double check, but I'm actually pretty certain it's this very one! Thanks for the feedback:)
  • Emma K.
    I bought one too because my little one is fascinated by seeing pics of herself on my PC screen!

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