Baby Freebies: Free Wildlife Fun Book @ The RSPB

rspb1 Small kids are expensive to run; teenage kids are even more expensive to run so it's important to have things to do that don't cost very much and one of our most favourite things to do over the years has been bird and wildlife watching!

There's so much you can do that will enthrall little kids, both indoors when it's cold and wet and outdoors when things start to warm up a bit.  A small scattering of bird seed outside a window you can sit at and watch the birds come down for breakfast has helped while away many hours with the kids, it also has the advantage of teaching them to be quiet and still AND you can get to have sneaky cuddles too if they sit on your lap.

rspb2This book is packed full of facts, figures and fun things to do with your child - find out about all the wildlife on your doorstep, how to make a wildlife snapper, all about animal tracks, signs and poo - well that does it then, anything that involves poo is guaranteed to be a winner!

To get your free book all you need to do is click on the link above, print off the form, fill it in and send it back to the RSPB - you can send it freepost OR you can put a stamp on it as a small cash donation.

Thanks to loubelou over at HUKD!


  • James
    Things with the word 'fun' in it tend to not be it. Its a scam tbh
  • Tamsin O.
    I think that the word "fun" is relative. For some trainspotting is fun, for others it would be torment. So I think that calling this a scam is just your personal interpretaion whereas it isn't mine. I nabbed this as fast as I could.

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