The Fantastic Mr. Fox £5.99 @ Tesco Entertainment

6 August 2010


Do you remember this book from back when you were at school? If I remember correctly this particular Roald Dahl title was one of our required readers and it was a huge favourite with the kids. The story is dry, funny and educational, and has the usual Roald Dahl magic to keep you entranced.

This animated adaptation of the book is one that I haven’t seen yet and I’ve heard pretty mixed reviews. Some die-hard fans of the book say that it doesn’t remain true to the heart of the book and that it has gone “Hollywood”.

Others have said that it’s a bit too scary for the younger kids so only get this if yours are old enough to handle some scares. And yet, I’ve also had some people tell me that they loved it. Definitely a mixed bag of reactions over this movie!

Well, Tesco are selling it for the lovely price of £5.99 so why not take a chance and nab it for your Christmas present cupboard and give it to someone who loves the Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Thanks to lucerysmum at HUKD

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