Fabulous Freebie: 100 Free Kindle Books @ Amazon

Fabulous Freebie: 100 Free Kindle Books @ Amazon

This may not technically be a deal but you do have a handy list of the top 100 free Kindle books available on Amazon here. The list includes all those free books that are most downloaded and that have the best reviews.

The top 100 free books on Amazon lists titles such as Hostile Witness, the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Falling Star, Pride and Prejudice and many more. You can also find books that are great for reading with the kids like A Little Bit of Everything For Dummies which is a superb general knowhow title that will boost their general knowledge nicely.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, A Tale of Two Cities, Christmas Carol and Oliver Twist are also classics that are well worth downloading to share with the kids. And parents can enjoy titles that are not the usual classics but also new books written by fresh voices that cost absolutely nothing to download and enjoy.

This is a brilliant link for those of you who got a Kindle for Christmas and are looking for titles to bulk up your collections.


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