Early Learning Centre Dinosaur Puzzles £3 @ Amazon

Amazon are selling these very simple Early Learning Centre Dinosaur puzzles for £3, rather than £6.

When I say very simple dinosaur puzzles, I MEAN very simple - there are six little puzzles, here, with just two pieces each.  I know it can seem a little bit pointless, having just two puzzle pieces - I mean, how difficult can that really be?!  But if you mix up all the pieces, then essentially you have a 12-piece puzzle and will give very little ones enough of a challenge to really make them work hard.

They'll have to sort out which two pieces fit together, then put them together - their pattern recognition, puzzle solving and fine motor skills will all be put to the test, and developed so they can graduate onto more complex puzzles with more and more pieces.

Stock is already getting low, so if you like the look of these Early Learning Centre Dinosaur puzzles then you'd better order a set, PRONTO!

Thanks to bals78 at HUKD 

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