Don’t Let The Aliens Get My Marvellous Mum £1.80 @ Amazon

2 January 2012

This is an adorable book with an obviously brilliant title that is down from £5.99 to only £1.80 on Amazon. The price comes with their lovely free delivery option too so you won’t spend a single cent more on a fab book to read with your kids.

The book is described as a very jolly and enjoyable light read with bright illustrations that are awash with colour. The little girl in the story can’t imagine what her life would be like if her mum was abducted by aliens.

What would she do if her mum was abducted? Who would surprise her with special cakes or wake her up with a big smile or take her on special adventures? Well, life would not be the same and not be fun so it would be a very good idea not to let her get abducted by aliens at all.

Thanks to Saintledger at HUKD!

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  • epgjones
    Don’t Let The Aliens Get My Marvellous Mum
    No worry's kid, Speciallly when I whack them with my AA-12.... Hell yeah...

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