Cool Cookie Stencil Kit £3.50 @ M&S


In spite of my glee over the weekend, spring has not arrived. No, it merely gave us a hint of warmth and then disappeared again, much to my annoyance. As a result I’ve been in the kitchen cooking away with my tot and this set is the perfect complement to chilly day cooking.

So yes, down from £7.50 to only £3.50 at Marks & Spencer this is an adorable set that will bring your cookie making to life. I remember the old battered metal set I had as a kid when I used to make cakes with my mom, so I’m filled with fond nostalgia as I snap up this set.

These stencils don’t have sharp edges, so they are perfect for all ages, and you get four different cutters. The set also includes cookie mix and a red icing pen and the cutters are in the shapes of a rabbit, butterfly, teddy bear and a duck.

Simply adorable, yummy to eat and loads of fun to make, these are a brilliant addition to the pack of deals we’ve discovered for our month of Crafty Parents.

Thanks to ramnee at HUKD!



  • Jean
    I have this set and the bunny is the best! I would recommend using your own recipe though as the cookie mix provided doesn't hold it's shape so is a pointless addition to the set (not tasty either so ended up in the bin!!) I used my own recipe and they turned out great. The kids had fun decorating them too :o)
  • Vivianne
    It's now £2!

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